13 W Prospect Street Waldwick, NJ


Vinnie: The Founder of the Hair Cottage, with over 50 years of experience, he takes barbering to a whole new level. If you want the master; from the classic pompadour, to skin fades and straight razor cleanups, you’ve come to the EXPERT. His smile and personality lights up the room and leaves you feeling carefree- but carefree with a great haircut!

Jackie: The head honcho of The Hair Cottage, as well as Vinnie’s wife. She’s the beauty and the brains of the operation and with due reason. With over 30 years of experience, Jackie spends one-on-one time with each client listening and recommending hairstyles that will make them look their best. She is skilled in every aspect of coloring, cutting, straightening, perming, and of course her famous up-dos. To top it off, Jackie’s crazy sense of humor has every customer laughing so loud you can hear the echo on the street.

Patsy: Patsy joined his brother Vinnie 44 years ago, creating the Sicilian barber duo. Named 2010’s “Ultimate Jet Fan” he definitely lives up to his title with his football figurines decorating his station. With his artistic background, and soft demeanor he makes every child, from their first haircut to their most recent, feel like they’re at home and secure. The flat top pro of the establishment.

Jess: Protege to Vinnie and Jackie, her passion and creativity for hair goes beyond limitations. Men line up for hot lather shaves, as well as specialized razor cuts. At the same time, women wait for our electrifying colors to come alive on their tousled waves, just begging for something new. She strives for the newest and greatest and outshines herself everyday.


As Jackie, Vinnie, and Patsy leave The Hair Cottage after a long day of work, they lock the door and turn back to the little white house and say “Goodnight shop, thank you shop.” It’s been another great day at The Hair Cottage.