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Hair Cottage is a premier place for eyelash extensions.

Our specialty is the application of Eyelash Extensions. We offer a professional Mink or synthetic lash for each of your natural lashes. The result is full and natural looking eyelashes. Your eyes are the window to your soul and your most powerful beautiful feature. Full and natural looking, or extensions can make your eyes look bigger and brighter. You'll feel more confident and engaging.

Our passion is to make your eyes look fantastic and enhance your beauty. Our Vision is to offer convenience, perfection, beauty and professionalism in the eyelash extension industry. We practice best-in-class business ethics while promoting integrity, honesty and dedication to the client.

Our eyelash stylist, Sirena, has 5 years experience and is committed to providing fabulous experiences. We are not a one size fits all salon, we design lashes for every individual because everyone's eyes vary in shape and size. Different face shape fits different eyelash style. We work closely with you to better understand your unique needs and then customize your treatment. Here we count on your extensions being personalized for you. Our specialist is committed to providing exemplary customer service by upholding values that will strengthen us to become the leader in the eyelash extension beauty industry. Schedule your appointment today!

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3D Mink Full Set // $149 +
2 Weeks Touch Up // $75 +
3 Weeks Touch Up // $100 +
Mink Individual Full Set // $129 +
2 Weeks Touch Up // $65 +
3 Weeks Touch Up // $90 +
Individual 60 Pieces Lashes // $99 +
Individual 90 Pieces Lashes // $119 +
Silk Individual Full Set // $99 +
2 Weeks Touch Up // $55 +
3 Weeks Touch Up // $75 +

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